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About Me!

I have been an educator and mental health practitioner in Saskatchewan for the last twenty years. My experience in teaching PreK - 12 and supporting children, youth, and families in our community are what brought me to my current role, in research and teaching at the University of Saskatchewan. Currently I work as a lecturer, in the College of Education, where I continue to conduct research in the areas of mental health, youth at risk, and teacher education. I am passionate about supporting educators to build capacity for resilience in the profession and invest in themselves as a means by which to support the hundreds of children they will work closely with throughout their career. I currently teach in both the Department of Curriculum Studies and Educational Psychology & Special Education; specializing in bringing the Human Curriculum to the classroom. In my spare time, I am a mom & step-mom to three amazing boys and I run a small private practice where I continue to offer counselling and consulting supports to my community.

The Human Curriculum™

The Human Curriculum is a living curriculum; serving as a guide to support all that we do in work and play. The model supports the development of skills and strategies to foster resilience; growth in a variety of areas; and strengths to fight overwhelm, burnout, stress, and more. Judy has been cultivating the various aspects of the curriculum for the last two decades, as it integrates her experiences as a researcher, classroom teacher (20 years), mental health practitioner (10 years), and parent (25 years).
Currently, the Human Curriculum is used to guide workshops and presentations for schools and community organizations who wish to learn more about the psychological elements of finding a work-life balance and preventing burnout in caregiver practice. For teachers the curriculum serves as a model for both personal and professional practice, integrating behavioural psychology, brain science, and various therapeutic interventions as classroom management basics.  Judy also uses the curriculum for course development in all of her post-secondary syllabi built for pre-service educators. Lastly, the curriculum is used as a tool for case management and client support in Judy's private practice: Prairie Sky Education.
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Private clients receive extra special care and attention, via various elements of the Human Curriculum: through individual counselling, coaching, and consulting in a variety of personal and professional domains. Judy works diligently and compassionately with all of her clients to increase capacity for managing stress and building skills through personalized supports rooted in one's goals, motivations, and challenges. Emotional regulation and emotional / stress management are the places where we start, following an assessment of a person's passion and purpose. The Human Curriculum works in line with the philosophy of action and reflection to increase motivation and a drive for change. Judy challenges all of her students and clients to find what is at the core of who they are in order to positively impact what they do. 
If you are interested in receiving training in this work for personal or professional reasons contact Judy anytime for a free consultation or needs assessment. Judy will work with you, your family, school, or organization to develop a program or plan to provide all that you need to be the most amazing care-giver for those who need you! Judy's philosophy has always been, "self-care before care-give", and she strives to teach the inherent importance of building a string foundation within self in order to be present and role model the skills and strategies that can influence the best in who we are as humans.
Judy (Prairie Sky Education) has recently worked with the following communities, organizations, and school divisions to provide training and support in various elements of the Human Curriculum and she very much looks forward to discussing how she can support your people as well:


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What's Next?

The Human Curriculum™ is an ever evolving collection if ideas, strategies, and supports. Rooted in research, Judy is continually updating the program, process, and products associated with the work, in addition to the reach it has with the people we aim to serve. Currently, Judy is working to bring this work to more schools, communities, and organizations across Canada. With the addition of web based capabilities for individuals, and even large and small groups, Judy is booking Zoom consultations regularly. Intake for family and teacher coaching happens twice a year (CALM Classrooms; CALM Families); counselling programs are on-going; and workshops, courses, and classes can be booked in the fall or spring. Recently, Judy has expanded her work to utilize the Human Curriculum as a guide for human resources supports for small businesses; for which consultation is open and on-going. 

Judy is also currently working on the first edition of the book that will accompany this work: a research based, narrative heavy compilation of life skills for parents, educators, teachers, and community workers; essentially, anyone who finds themselves in charge of the care of other humans.  This book will serve as an essential text for the many classes Judy teaches and promises to be a resource all educators will hold close to their hearts. 

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